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FM Futaba Crystal 72MHz Set 44

FM Futaba Crystal 72MHz Set 44star rating 5canewalkerJune 8, 2011I have an Esky Belt CP and really like the transmitter that came with it. I bought 3 EXI 450 heli kits and built them using the Belt CP tx and 3 replacement Esky Belt CP 6 channel RX's (model #EK2-0420A) to go on the kits. The RX's come without crystals so I bought 4 of the Futaba 72 mhz kits to swap over from the Esky crystals which are more expensive and hard to come by. The Futaba kits come with one TX and one RX crystal. I only needed one TX crystal for the Belt CP transmitter so I have several extra 72 mhz TX crystals. All of the RX crystals went into the different replacement RX's though. Now I fly my original version Belt CP by replacing the factory crystals with Futaba crystals. I also fly 3 additional heli's off of the one Belt CP transmitter too. Let's see now... a Spectrum DX6i transmitter runs around $225 and the receivers cost around $50 each (times 3 ='s $150) for a total of $375. I'm using the transmitter that came with my Belt CP and the replacement Esky receivers run around $19 each and the Futaba crystals cost $7 for the pair. That's $26 for an entire RX (times 3 ='s $78) and like I said, the TX came with the Esky Belt CP heli. The more money I save, the more heli's and airplanes I can buy. Muuwaahahaha!!! (my mischievious laugh) Thanks Futaba. Now, Xheli, how about getting some more #44's in stock, I'm building my 4th EXI 450 and already have the RX just sitting here waiting...... canewalker
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